Colin Lee


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Colin Lee grew up in the small East Texas town of Longview, 2 hours south east of Dallas and birthplace of fellow actor Matthew McConaughey...if you've heard of him. Rambunctious from a young age, his parents enrolled him in gymnastics classes at the age of 3 and a decade-long, competitive love affair was born. At age 11, however, an inspiring teacher and a fascination the with history of the Titanic, combined with the release of the blockbuster film about that very ship persuaded him to apply to a prestigious summer theatre program in Dallas. 

"Those actors get to play on a replica of the Titanic every day?!?!" 

He was accepted to the program and bitten. The theatre had attacked, and if ever a remake of 'Titanic' arose, he would be ready. Colin would spend the next 7 summers in a professional theatre environment, singing, dancing, and acting, with talent from around the country. 

By high school, theatre had become a serious enough endeavor, that it warranted a transfer of schools in order to pursue it alongside his academics. From High School Colin then went on to study in the acting program at Texas State University for 2 years, before ultimately transferring to Ball State University in Indiana to get his B.A in Musical Theatre.  

He now resides in New York City (while not away for work or fun-filled travels) where he power-naps often, studies voice under the direction of Mr. Andrew Byrne and acting at The Freeman Studio.